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New LAUSD Homework Policy

Los Angeles Unified School District put in place a new policy that limits the impact of homework on a students’ grade to 10%.  This appears to be resultant from complaints from parents and students regarding either a time issue or a hindering home environment issue.  “According to the new policy, ‘Varying degrees of access to academic support at home, for whatever reason, should not penalize a student so severely that it prevents the student from passing a class, nor should it inflate the grade’. It was distributed to schools last month”.  Well, as a hypothetical teacher, this policy for my class would just mean upping the weight of examinations to 90%.  And if the premise is based on possible deficiencies of academic support at home, I’m worried this would make the situation even worse when it came time for tests.  Then again, I may be an anomaly in that my grades would be based solely on tests and homework–in general no projects or make-ups on exams.  I mean, I’d be all for this policy since it would separate those who really know the material from those who don’t, but their basis for implementing it seems to be at odds with this ideology.

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